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- Cory & Holly -

“Once a videographer was mentioned during the wedding planning, there was no doubt at all who we would pick. Watching Levi’s videos over the years and seeing the amazing work he’s done, there was never any question that we would even look into anyone else. Levi is as professional as they come and did a phenomenal job capturing our special day. Having seen his previous work, we had full confidence in him creating an amazing video, but we are in awe every time we watch the video he compiled. Despite him starting his day with a small fender bender and hitting a deer on the way home, it never phased him. He went with the flow of the day and even helped to ensure we were on schedule. All the moments he captured are full of real emotion and there is nothing fabricated or acted out for the sake of a good video.

Receiving all the raw footage from the day allows us to relive our ceremony and all the fun memories we had that day celebrating with our friends and family. Seeing things that we would’ve normally missed, made having Levi being there even more worth it. Not to mention the drone!!! Our original plan to have a friend with a drone take some pictures & videos fell through just a few days before the wedding. Then walks in Levi with this amazing surprise that he purchased a drone of his own. I’m pretty sure Cory was more excited about it than the wedding! LOL Getting aerial views of our wedding venue captures all the beauty the Bell Hill has to offer, making our wedding video literally “over the top” and more unique. We also have excellent footage of all our great dance moves, especially the moves our best man busted out! We will definitely be watching our video from time to time for a good laugh and to remind us of how perfect of day we had and how blessed we are to have each other.

We were speechless and so thankful that we decided to go through with having a videographer at our wedding. We’ve literally watched the video over and over and just can’t get enough! We would highly recommend anyone looking for a videographer to choose Levi. His talent is beyond imaginable. Saying “thank you” doesn’t even come close to how thankful we are for his amazing ability to capture our day. So even though it’s not enough, thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts!”

- Paul & Kimi -

“We had been looking for a wedding a wedding videographer for a while, but just hadn’t found anyone that we really loved. Then, we saw some of Levi’s work and as soon as we talked to him we knew he was the perfect guy for the job! Levi is SO friendly and prompt with any correspondence we had with him. He was so easy to work with, and he and his second shooter, Bret, made the wedding day a breeze. But, most importantly – our video perfectly captures the immense love and happiness Paul and I felt during our wedding day. Levi captured so many little moments that Paul and I thought were just between us: the quick glances and smiles, a high five between us and everything in-between. It is clear that Levi is passionate and VERY talented at what he does. I have been left speechless at how much we love our video. It is something that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We feel so lucky to have found Levi to do our video and we would highly recommend Levi to anyone looking for a wedding videographer!”

- Brendan & Miranda -

“After multiple referrals, I was ecstatic to be able to have the opportunity to work with Levi. His passion and expertise to capture the couple and special day is clearly reflected in every video. Levi and his team perfectly captured our love and humor as a couple throughout the entire day. I love being able to remember our special by watching the video. It warms my heart every time I watch the video and I’m thankful for the memories he so perfectly captured. Amazing job, Levi! Thank you again!!”

- Ryan & Kerri -

“Planning a wedding from another state is no easy task, but when you have people like Levi on your team it makes it a breeze! Levi is professional, easy-going and truly just fun to be around (even though you could hardly tell he was there). His footage captured everything from my wedding that I could have imagined and more. We will treasure this video and the memories forever!”

- Andy & Amanda -

“When I first started looking for a videographer for our wedding day, I saw one of Levi’s videos and knew I didn’t want anyone else to do ours. Levi worked with us and made our wedding video dream come true. His and his team’s work is by far the best I’ve seen. We couldn’t be happier with how our final video turned out. Our entire experience, from start to finish, with Levi and Ben both, was absolutely amazing, professional, and positive. Thank you so so much for giving us something we can share with our friends, family, and each other for the rest of our lives. <3"

- Kevin & Susan -

“Not only is Levi Kirby an exceptional videographer, he’s also an exceptional person that helps make your big day stress-free and enjoyable. His professionalism and worth ethic go above and beyond the ‘call of duty’. Additionally, Levi made great efforts to make sure we understood the process from beginning to end, and delivered an A+ product that we couldn’t be happier about. We are extremely thrilled with our video, and are grateful to have it as a keepsake!”

- Chase & Megan -

“Prior to getting engaged both of us knew that we wanted Levi to be a part of our special day. We even moved our wedding date to make sure that were able to have him there. It was by far the easiest decision we made during the wedding planning process and totally worth it! He was extremely easy to work with, going above and beyond to capture both of our personalities. The end result completely surpassed both of our expectations. Something I didn’t anticipate was how much I would appreciate the raw footage. There were so many amazing moments that we would have missed had we not had Levi there to capture them. I cannot say enough great things about him and his amazing work. We are extremely lucky to have had Levi join us on our special day, and grateful that we have these memories to look back on for years to come!”

- Trey & Lyndsey -

“Choosing a wedding videographer was a huge decision for my fiancé and I because we wanted every moment of our big day captured. We have many good friends who had Levi as their videographer and knew right away that he was the person we wanted on our big day. Levi was always available to answer any questions I had and was worth every penny! We have watched our wedding video almost every day since our wedding and still find something new we love about it. He was so kind and fun to work with the day of our wedding! I would recommend him to anyone that wanted to capture their big day.”

- Andrew & Christine -

“The first time I watched our wedding video, I was speechless. It caught my breath and brought tears to my eyes. In fact, every time I watch it, I am overcome by those same emotions. It is so fun to see the day and be reminded of the little things that occurred – I forgot that I whispered “I love you” to Andrew after our first kiss, but because of Levi, I have that memory to cherish forever. I highly recommend hiring a videographer for your wedding, but not just any videographer – it has to be Levi. Not only was he easy to work with and very accommodating, but he was basically invisible during the day, capturing moments I would have never known occurred. His skill goes well beyond that of videography – he understands what is important about a wedding day. It’s not just about the “I do.” It’s about the loving look your new spouse gives you on the altar, the genuine smile you get when you realize 200+ people came to see you walk down the aisle, and the embrace your mom gives you on the dance floor once you realize that the day went off without a hitch. He knows what memories are made of, and for that I am unbelievable grateful. You can’t put a price on memories. Thank you, Levi.”

- Stephen & Stacy -

“If you are trying to decide whether or not to have a videographer for your wedding, you should definitely hire Levi Kirby and Ben Fuhrmann. They did such an amazing job on our wedding video! Levi was generous enough to have his partner, Ben Fuhrmann, video tape our wedding day because he had another wedding to shoot that same day. Ben did a great job capturing our big day and he was very easy to work with. Stephen and I cannot thank Levi enough for creating such a wonderful video. We literally watch our wedding video every day! Stephen and I had such a wonderful wedding, and it is great we can relive that moment through Levi’s work. Thank you so much Levi and Ben! You two are worth every penny!”

- Spencer & Emily -

“With all of the decisions to be made for a wedding, choosing a videographer was an easy one for me. I have seen Levi’s work in the past and knew without a doubt that he would do a great job! Working with Levi was one of the easiest parts of planning my wedding, which was extremely nice! He is easy going and did a great job with getting our video exactly how we wanted it. He is a talented videographer that is worth every penny! Thank you Levi for capturing our day perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! We will cherish this video for the rest of our lives!”

- Jacob & Sara -

“Levi did such an outstanding job on our video! Words cannot express how much Jacob and I love it! We have received so many compliments on it! He was so great and fun to work with and made everyone feel at ease! He was able to capture everything about our wedding day and turn it into an amazing video that we will treasure forever! Levi is very talented and his work says it all! We would highly recommend Levi to anyone!!! Thank you so much for playing such a big part in our special day!”

- The Gibson Girls -

“We are so glad we were able to work with Levi and Ben on our first music video. They were both great and had amazing ideas! We were more than pleased with the outcome of the video. We were so excited about sharing it on Facebook and we were even more excited by the response we received. We would highly recommend them!! We look forward to working with them again in the future!”

- Matt & Andrea -

“I am convinced there is no videographer as personable, accomodating and talented around as Levi. From the very first correspondence, he was attentive to our every question and wish. On our wedding day, Levi navigated the filming with professionalism and tact. Once it came time to see our video, we were over the moon with the final product. If you are considering a videograper for your wedding, first of all, do it. Second, hire Levi!”

- Tommy & Marsha -

“First off, I can’t say enough how wonderful it was to work with Levi. From pre-wedding through wedding day – Levi was super easy to contact and very fun to work with, all while being very professional and respectful! Levi even agreed to keep his car parked at the reception hall and journeyed through our whole wedding day and trolley ride back to the hall. He was able to capture footage that I will get to remember forever. He interacted with our wedding party and helped make the day entertaining for everyone. His videos are above expectations and people I don’t even know are talking to me about how good my wedding video was. I would completely recommend Levi Kirby as your wedding day videographer, it will be one of the many decisions that day that you will not be disappointed with!!!!”

- Cameron & Jackie -

“Levi did an absolutely amazing job on our wedding video!! I found Levi through my sister, who used him for her wedding, and I loved his work so much that I was willing to change my wedding date in order to have him as our videographer! He is so easy to work with and is a wonderful person!! He gets to know you, and he understands what is important to you and includes that in his videos. He gets amazing footage without anyone even noticing him! I highly recommend Levi Kirby!!”

- Drew & Christen -

“After watching Levi’s work on our wedding video, my husband and I are speechless! Levi is extremely talented, easy going and creative – his work shows it all! Throughout the process of working with Levi, it was a breeze. He is flexible, cooperative, and he was very professional yet personable with our wedding party throughout the whole day. He was able to take our whole wedding and combine it into an amazing video that we will have forever. I am beyond ecstatic that Levi was able to film and edit our footage!!”

- Tyler & Cristina -

“This video was absolutely amazing! Words can’t even express how much Tyler and I love this video. Levi did a great job capturing all the fun moments that we had throughout the day and the love that Tyler and I share for each other. Levi is very talented and we would recommend him to anyone!”

- Jacob & Kendyl -

“Kyle (Levi’s hired shooter for this wedding) was so wonderful to work with! It was as if he knew every detail we wanted captured. He’s also incredibly personable and genuine, so it was lovely to work with him. We would highly recommend Kyle and Levi to anyone! Our video is something we will treasure forever.”

- Mitch & Shauna -

“Levi is truly THE BEST!! HE captured every single precious moment of our day. We will cherish this for the rest of our lives! Thank you so, so much for being a huge part of our day.”

- Samuel & Mykenzie -

“We can’t say enough about how great it was working with Levi for our wedding day! In the best way possible, it was as if he wasn’t there, working behind the scenes and getting the best shots for us to remember. Communicating with him throughout the entire experience was effortless, and he was also quick to get our finished footage back to us.

On top of all of these things, he is a very kind, warm-hearted person who was genuinely excited for us and who we enjoyed having around for our wedding day. As for the quality of his work, well…we’ll let the video do the talking”

- Vince & Caysee -

“Levi was great to work with. He made us feel very comfortable. It didn’t even seem like he was there, so that helped put us at ease with filming throughout the day. The video turned out AMAZING!! Wow is he talented! We couldn’t be more happy with choosing Levi as our videographer!! Thanks again for capturing this day so wonderfully!”

- Jake & Megan -

“So many aspects are involved with wedding planning and it can be very overwhelming at times. Right from the start, I knew videography was a huge priority. Really, of all the vendors you book, the videographer and photographer are the ones that give you something after your big day is over that you can cherish and look back on forever. Which I why it was these two vendors that I knew I wanted to book first and get the best of the best.

I searched and searched for videographers, watched countless videos, read and re-read through their past clients feedback. I always came back to Levi’s work. His work just stood out from the rest. He documents everything from the start to the end of the big day and merges all that footage together seamlessly.

From the first time I contacted Levi I knew that he was it. He was so polite and so prompt with getting back to me and answering all my questions. When the big day arrived Levi was there right when everything started. You want someone who captures everything, and that is what he does. He got along so well with everyone in the wedding party and he was a blast to work with. We got our video back almost one month after the big day.

*If you think of all the footage he shot, how he had to go through it all, edit and merge clips small clips together, one month is such a quick turn around.*

Jake and I are thrilled with the final product. The video exceeded all my expectations and I so thankful that I have this video that captures not just special moments between Jake and I, but also moments between our families, the wedding party and our dearest friends.
If you are looking for a videographer, Levi is it. Trust me I searched near and far and I could not be happier. He is amazing and if you want amazing you need to book this man!

Thank you again Levi for everything!”